Poppy Cotton is taking a short break.  All ready to send orders placed from 23/9/18 - 3/10/18 will be shipped from 4/10/18 onwards.  All made to orders will be sent as usual (please check listings for the turnaround time).   I will be checking emails so if you have any questions please email Thank you in advance, Barb xx

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Poppy Cotton fitted moses basket sheets, bassinet sheets & cot sheets. Fitted sheets are great & there is no need for a top sheet if you use a snuggle sack or swaddle a newborn.
  • Moses Basket Sheets
    Poppy Cotton Moses basket sheets are 100% cotton. Elastic is enclosed around the entire sheet to ensure a snug fit. Standard Moses Basket Fitted Sheet (oval): Designed to fit a mattress up to 70cm x 36cm.
  • Bassinet Sheets
    Poppy Cotton fitted bassinet sheets will fit both a bassinet mattress and change table mat. Made with 100% cotton & full elastic casing for a snug fit. Approx. size 80cm x 50cm.
  • Cot Sheets
    Poppy Cotton Cot Sheets. Made with 100% cotton, these fitted cot sheets are beautiful and soft. Elastic is enclosed around the entire sheet to ensure a snug fit. Poppy Cotton fitted sheets will fit cot mattress size up to 1320mm x 770mm including Boori & Mocka brands, as well as oval cots ie Kaylula Sova.
  • Flannelette Sheets
    Fitted flannelette moses basket & cot sheets. Warm & cosy for cooler nights.
  • Vintage
    "Vintage Inspired" is Poppy Cottons new Category for a range of nursery bedding made from beautiful pre-loved vintage fabrics. Most items are one of a kind. Some items may be also be made from new fabrics.

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