Fitted Bassinet Sheet - French Vanilla

Fitted Bassinet Sheet - French Vanilla
Fitted Bassinet Sheet - Tiny Black Dots on French Cream Vanilla.

Poppy Cotton fitted bassinet sheet. (great for those that swaddle and don't have the need for a set of sheets)

100% cotton, perfect for a new baby. This bassinet sheet will have a beautiful feel against baby's new skin.

Fitted bassinet sheet measures approx 80cm x 50cm - this will also fit a moses basket mattress & a change mat.

Elastic is enclosed around the entire sheet to ensure a snug fit.

Easy care: Machine or hand wash, line dry

Designed & Made in New Zealand.

To make sure our bassinet sheets will fit your bassinet/moses basket, please supply dimensions: Lx WxD at checkout. Thank you.
NZ$ 45.00

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